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The Internet is an important part of our lives today. But what is the cheapest way to get Internet in an apartment? Let’s find out!

Call Multiple Internet Service Providers

First, ask your building which Internet Service Providers (ISPs) are available (you may be limited to only one or two).

Then, call as many Internet Service Providers (ISPs) that serve your building to get quotes. Each may have different prices and offers so this puts you in a strong position to compare and get the best possible deal.

Ask For Discounts and Specials

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Most ISPs will have some discounts, specials, or bundles for new customers.

They may even offer free or discounted streaming service subscriptions and deals.

Don’t hesitate to negotiate for a better price or bundle too. Some providers may throw in a few extras to secure your business over the next few years.

Find Out Whether the Apartment Has Any Local Contacts

Ask the leasing agent if they have a local representative who may be able to help you out with some good Internet deals. But even if you get these contacts, make sure you check in with multiple service providers so you don’t end up over paying.

Getting cheap Internet in your apartment is a matter of doing your research and asking around.

Pro Tip: If you have unlimited data on your smartphone and hot spot enabled on your smartphone, and do not need TV streaming services, you may be able to stream from your phone for Internet. Check with your cell phone provider on any additional costs for this. If you need to use Internet regularly, this may not be the best option.


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