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An apartment is generally one floor; however, there are several instances where apartment homes can have two floors – often referred to as a loft, bi-level apartment, townhome rental, or duplex.

Two-floor apartments can be beneficial for those looking for more space or preferring to have that multi-level living experience. Some may find two-floor apartments impractical or inaccessible. If accessibility isn’t an issue, then two-floor apartments could be useful for you.

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Here are four common apartment types with two floors.

1. Loft Apartment

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A loft apartment typically features a living space downstairs and then a staircase that leads to an upper level that can usually be used as a bedroom or office. There may or may not be a bathroom in this loft space. These types of apartments are usually further characterized by an open ceiling concept where you could stand at the top of the staircase and see the living space below you providing an open concept.

2. Bi-Level Apartment

A bi-level apartment has two floors with a staircase. Bi-level apartments are rare but certainly possible, and since you typically pay for apartments based on square footage, expect to pay more for these apartments as with most two-floor apartments.

3. Townhome Rental

townhome rental |

You can also have a townhome rental which can be two or more floors whereby you have your own private entrance. Townhomes usually offer more space and might even include a private parking spot for you.

4. Duplex

A duplex usually includes two living units, one attached, next to, or above the other (meaning two floors). Usually, duplexes are occupied by two different families/individuals, but you could of course request to rent out both parts of the duplex but be prepared for double the rent.

Most apartments, with the few exceptions noted here, are one level. If you’re looking for a two-story apartment, consider a loft apartment, bi-level apartment, townhome rental, or duplex.


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