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It’s July, and the pool has been open at your apartment for several weeks. The pool is a wonderful place for the entire family to meet new friends, have fun, swim for exercise, or generally feel refreshed by the cool water. During pool hours, a certified Red Cross lifeguard stands watch. The pool operates under strict rules so as to protect all residents, especially children. With that in mind, this is a perfect time to pass on a few additional safety tips:

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1) Teach children how to swim!

In the majority of fatal cases of pool-related incidents, most victims are under the age of five. Many options exist to enroll children in free or reduced-price swimming lessons, such as at a local YMCA or your nearest Parks and Recreation Department. Be sure to take advantage of these resources all summer long!

2) Learn CPR!

As they always say, it’s better to be safe than sorry. More often than not, bystanders are first responders during an emergency and those first few moments are critical for victims. CPR certifications are available through classes at local hospitals, the American Red Cross, and community centers.

3) Be Attentive

As mentioned above, bystanders are usually the first ones to respond before certified professionals take over. But there is a way to prevent such a situation from taking place by paying attention and never leaving children under age 14 unattended in pool areas! Be attentive to avoid the next pool accident.

4) Protection from the Sun

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Not all of us are immune to sunburn, which is why it’s essential to use sunblock. Sunblock should be applied at least 30 minutes prior to arriving at the pool. Not only can too much sun cause immediate discomfort of sunburn, but too much sun exposure can also lead to melanoma, a dangerous form of skin cancer.

Remember to apply sunblock during each hour spent outside. Using an SPF of 35 is recommended. Please keep in mind that SPF numbers are not equal to more protection from the sun; an SPF of 40 and above only means more chemicals have been added to the sunscreen. It won’t be more effective than a sunblock with SPF 35, which is the most protective sunscreen you can purchase.

There are a variety of sunblock types including spray and liquid. Regardless of which you prefer, choose a waterproof product. Finally, all sunblocks have an expiration date (generally three years). Make sure to check the date before use.

It is important that each resident or guest act responsibly, follow the rules, and take individual measures to ensure their personal and family safety. In the event that an emergency occurs, make sure to stay calm, find the lifeguard for immediate help and call 9-1-1 as soon as possible. Vigilance is the only way to keep injuries at a minimum and it should be at the forefront Of each person’s mind at the pool during every visit.

Keep your cool and enjoy your summer!


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