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What is a den, and why do some of them look so much like bedrooms? There are some important differences between the two types of rooms. If you are moving into an apartment suite with a “den” and at least one bedroom listed, you’ll want to know what the difference is, so you know what to expect. Do you know the difference between a den and a bedroom?

Here are 12 things to consider when discussing the differences between a bedroom and den and the distinguishing characteristics of each.

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Bedrooms Typically Have 2 Forms of Egress (a Window and Door) and a Closet

  1. A den is a small room where people can get some private time whereas a bedroom tends to be larger in size
  2. A den usually does not have windows whereas a bedroom typically has at least one window. If the room does not have a window, it cannot be considered a bedroom, and is probably a den.
  3. The word “den” is also used for many different kinds of bonus rooms, including family rooms, libraries, TV rooms, home cinemas, and small guest rooms.
  4. Bedrooms specifically should have the ability to let natural air in and let natural light enter the room.
  5. A bedroom has two means of egress. For instance, an apartment bedroom should have a door that can be closed and a window.
  6. A bedroom has minimum size restrictions (per local code), and should not only support someone sleeping in it, but it should help someone live comfortably in their apartment.
  7. A den could be used as a guest bedroom for a person to stay for short periods without a window or closet.
  8. Dens typically won’t have a closet but furniture can be added for clothing storage, such as a chest of drawers or a wardrobe; whereas bedrooms almost always have closets.
  9. If you need a little more space, a one-bedroom plus den floor plan is a great solution. It is nice to have additional separated space for guests or dining.
  10. For a bedroom to be a bedroom, it must meet all local building requirements, including square footage, accessibility, window specifications, and ventilation.
  11. Dens can be for various activities, such as reading, games, family time, and crafts. Make a space for your hobbies if you’re using the den as a creative space. Include a desk for a workstation, and devote a wall to displaying artwork and ideas. Bulletin boards also work well in den rooms and can be used to show art and photos.
  12. Dens can make lovely nurseries, playrooms, and offices without necessitating a window, closet, or outside door.


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