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10 Quarantine Family Activities in Your Apartment | Family at Home | phillyaptrentals.com

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Looking for ways to entertain everyone during quarantine and stay at home. While not an ideal situation, you can find some activities to keep yourself occupied. Here they are:

1. Family Story Time

Pick a day of the week where someone in the family either reads a book or tells a story and where other family members listen. This is a great way for the family to bond and get to know each other a little better.

2. Puzzles

10 Quarantine Family Activities in Your Apartment | Family Puzzle | phillyaptrentals.com

Puzzles can be incredibly fun – from adults to kids – to put together. There are also different puzzles for different age groups online. *

3. Game Night

You can pick a day of the week to play different board games. There are plenty of family-oriented games available online or apps these days so it doesn’t have to be repetitive. From quiz nights to monopoly to taboo to charades, there is no dearth of games for you and the whole family to enjoy together. *

4. Attend a Virtual Concert

Many artists are performing live online in the absence of physical concerts and events. A simple search on Google or Facebook will unveil a myriad of virtual concerts, some free and some paid. For a more authentic concert experience, you can even dress up if you like.

5. Movie Night

You can choose to have a movie night once a week in your apartment. For a great experience, big projector screens can make a big difference. Amazon sells them for about $150+ and they can easily be stored, as you like. Add popcorn to the mix and a soundbar from BestBuy or Amazon, while you watch the movie for a near theater-style experience. Perhaps splurge on a recent ‘pre-release’ and it’s like being in the movies.

6. Art Projects

10 Quarantine Family Activities in Your Apartment | Art Project | phillyaptrentals.com

It’s time to unleash your creative streak with a galore of art projects to undertake. You can order art supplies online and get creative with DIY craft and art projects you never imagined possible.

7. Watch Travel Documentaries

While you likely can’t travel at the moment, you can explore your favorite destinations with travel documentaries on subscription content platforms like Netflix that airs shows such as Chef’s Table and National Parks Adventure.

8. Cook or Bake

Another good way to spend your time in quarantine is to try your hand at cooking and baking – whether sweet or savory. There is no shortage of recipes to try online, so why not whip up some delicious treats?

9. Video Chats

While you can’t meet friends and family in person, you can stay in touch with them via video – on FaceTime, Whatsapp, Facebook and more. There are plenty of ways to connect with multiple family members in different parts of the world at the same time, so hopefully you’re able to keep up with everyone in your life.

10. Attend Virtual Museums

There are many virtual museum tour options to enjoy different attractions whether you want to visit the British Museum in London or Guggenheim Museum in New York. You can also take tours of national parks from the comfort of your home. If you are looking for something educational, check out these virtual field trips from the Kennedy Space Center.

Being in a lockdown can be boring and frustrating. Use these ideas to make the best of your time in your apartment.

*Always do your own research and pick activities that are appropriate for you and your family.


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