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Moving into a new apartment is thrilling. You’re excited about new experiences and can’t wait to make the place your own. If you want to add your own personality to the space without impacting the structure, take a look at these super simple and totally doable apartment decorating ideas –

1. Fridge magnets

Fridge magnets can easily enliven the look of a drab kitchen with color and charm. They are a versatile option, which you can choose based on your style and personality. The sky is your limit! From metallic designs to holiday destinations to polaroids to literally anything, there’s sure to be something that you will love for your fridge. Of course not every fridge can accommodate magnets, but most can.

2. Indoor plants

Add some plants to your indoor spaces to make them burst with vibrancy. From flowers and cacti to native plants, they’re a great way to make your apartment feel cozy and comfortable and you don’t even need a yard.

3. Multi-Color rug

If you can’t do much with the space, why not add a pop of color with a stunning multi-color rug? They come in nearly any size and color so you can choose something that suits the space, your taste, and style – covering imperfect floors and adding a touch of softness to your apartment.

4. Floor and table lamps

You don’t need to feel like you’re stuck with outdated lights in the apartment. A quick and easy fix is to invest in some stunning floor and table lamps that not only look great but illuminate the space beautifully. Place them strategically in different rooms within the apartment and sit back as the space comes to life.

5. Framed floating artwork

Framed floating artwork is another easy way to introduce your own personality to the apartment without impacting any structural components. Simply stick them on the walls and remove them when you need to without damaging the paint or walls.

6. Table runner

A table runner adds another texture and elegance to your table. Different from a tablecloth that covers the entire surface, a table runner is a thinner stripe that runs down from one end to another to give your table a more contemporary finish. It’s a simple way to create greater visual interest in your dining table.

7. Coffee table

A small coffee table is both functional and stylish which makes it a great addition to your living room. Keep the space in mind and choose something that fits in nicely without overpowering the rest of your décor.

8. Floor Mirror

Mirrors can be a great way to visually expand the space. If you don’t want something that needs to be nailed into the wall, why not try a decorative floor-mounted mirror to infuse a sense of style and add depth to the room?

9. Throws and cushions

Throws and cushions are the perfect way to bring in both texture and vibrancy to your living spaces, brightening your sofas and producing an instant decorative facelift. Choose pops of color to really stand out and create a focal point in the room. Match with the art work on the walls to bring in extra design power.

10. Accessories

Any living space looks more stylish and embellished when you add stylish table top accessories. Let your personality shine with collectible coins, vintage signs, snow globes, or other accessories you desire.

There you have it – your top 10 ideas to decorate any apartment without doing a thing to the structure.



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