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While there is no such thing as a totally soundproof apartment, there are differences in sound control between buildings. Some apartment complexes are built with extremely high sound control ratings (also known as STC ratings – sound transmission class). This means that virtually all sounds are likely impossible to hear. If you do hear sound, it’s likely to be muffled.

Under normal living conditions though, with proper sound control measures (high STC rating), noise should not be a big problem.

Here are some other things to look out for…

External Noise Factors

Do Soundproof Apartments Exist | Traffic Outside Apartment |

You also want to do your diligence on external noise factors which can be difficult for even the highest STC ratings to avoid. Ask these questions

  • Is the apartment near a major highway or street?
  • Is there a playground or shopping center near the apartment?
  • Is the airport or fire station close by with frequent noises?
  • Is the apartment near a large outdoor concert area, restaurant or bar where deep noises easily be heard?
  • Is the apartment near a train station?
  • Is the apartment near a large industrial plant or dumpster where heavy machinery is used?
  • Are there enough trees around to block out external noises better?
  • Is the road busy with lots of trucks using it to travel between locations?

What are the Features of a Good Soundproof Apartment?

Why Are Apartment Walls So Thin | Apartment sub-floor Being Constructed |

A good soundproof apartment building usually means:

  • The floors, ceilings, and walls are made from high-quality materials that keep noise at bay. Additionally, they have other sound control measures like special materials and gaps between those materials to avoid sound travel.
  • The windows are usually double-paned (two pieces of glass) to keep external noises in check
  • There are solid core external and internal doors that block out any echoing sounds
  • All gaps and cracks in walls, doors, and windows are sealed completely

While there is no totally soundproof apartment, a well-built apartment complex with sound control measures in place means you probably don’t have to worry about the noises that come from neighbors, which can give you the tranquil life you desire. Try to diligence any significant external noises.

To further soundproof your apartment, you can easily add features like thick carpets, furniture, and soundproof curtains to reduce the noise but it will not eliminate it entirely. Soundproofing an apartment with insulation materials can be expensive especially if you intend to live there for a long time, which is why you will likely want to find something that is already well built with sound control in mind.


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