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While not common, if specifically requested, it shouldn’t be a problem to get a receipt for your apartment rent. More often than not, the only document you tend to get from your landlord or property manager is a lease agreement.

How can you Get a Payment Confirmation For Rent?

If you are paying online, you will almost always get a generated confirmation of payment. If you are paying via dropping off a check or cash, you can certainly ask for a receipt if you would like. Most people though just take note of the check deposit as confirmation of receipt of payment.

How to Ask Your Landlord for a Rent Receipt?

The easiest way is to pick up the phone and ask your landlord or property manager and request for a rent receipt to be issued to you for a specific payment or a period of time. Check with your landlord about their preferred communication methods so you can get a quick response to your request.

In summary, while rental receipts are not entirely common, they can usually be issued to you upon request. If you are paying rent online, the system will usually automatically generate a receipt.


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