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Do apartments come with furniture? Some do and some do not. We explain further.

At the end, we list a few ways to find ‘apartments with furniture’.

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Which apartments come with furniture?

Apartments that come with furniture are commonly referred to as “furnished apartments”, while those without are referred to as “unfurnished apartments” or simply apartments.

The vast majority of apartments in the United States are unfurnished (though it does vary considerably in different local markets).

Furnished apartments, while not always, are typically more common in shorter-term leases.

On the contrary, regular apartment or unfurnished apartments are typically found in your typical lease term (12 months+).

What exactly are the differences between a furnished and unfurnished apartment?


Furnished apartments usually include everything from furniture, beds, bedding, washer/dryer sets, and even basic kitchen appliances and more. The exact items included in a furnished apartment will depend on the type of place you rent and your landlord (you should ask what exactly is included). But in most cases, you’ll have everything you need in a furnished apartment. You simply need to take your clothes and essentials with you. This is of course very helpful if you will only be staying for a short while as it saves considerable time and headache to purchase and round up all these essentials.

Cost of rent

Furnished apartments are almost always more expensive than unfurnished apartments because they already come with everything you need. However, the higher cost of rent is offset by the fact that you don’t have to pay for furnishing the apartment on your own (and moving the furniture into the unit).

Choice of apartment decor

With an unfurnished apartment, you have the freedom to decorate based on your taste and preferences. But you may not have the same level of flexibility when it comes to furnished apartments because most of the furniture and appliances are already picked out for you.

Housekeeping Included

Bathroom Cleaning Supplies |

It is possible that weekly or monthly housekeeping is included or offered as an optional addition to rent in a furnished apartment. Extra fees may apply.

Should you rent a furnished or unfurnished apartment?

If you tend to move around a lot and prefer short-term leases, then furnished apartments may be the easier choice because you don’t have to lug around heavy things with you.

On the other hand, if you prefer to have a place that suits your style and taste, and you intend to stay for longer durations, then an unfurnished apartment may be more suited to your needs. For context, the cost of furnishing a two-bedroom apartment from scratch can cost upwards of $6,000.

Put simply, both furnished and unfurnished apartments have their own pros and cons. Before choosing between the two, consider your lifestyle, budget, and preferences to help you make the right decision.

Pro Tip: You might be able to save considerable money making your own furnished apartment by renting your own furniture from a reputable furniture rental company (if allowed in your lease). This way you have the relationship with the furniture rental company and while expensive, it might be cheaper than what your landlord is offering.

Where can you rent an apartment that comes with furniture?

If you want to rent an apartment that comes with furniture (furnished apartment), there are a variety of websites you can check out including:

Step 1: Enter your desired city/local.

Step 2A: under lifestyle select ‘Short Term’ and ‘Corporate Housing’. **Ask these properties if they have any furnished apartments.

Step 2B: also under ‘More’ you can check ‘Furnished Housing’. **Ask these properties if they have any furnished apartments.


  • Step 1: Enter your desired city/local
  • Step 2:  Under search bar, type in the word “furnished” after your city/state

  • Step 3: That’s it! A list of furnished apartments should appear **Ask these properties if they have any furnished apartments.

You can try the same thing on your other favorite apartment listing websites. Do your own research, and make sure the apartments meet your other needs, and the listing is reputable.

Ask the right questions before signing a lease.


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