Can You Add a Blackout Shade to an Apartment?

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Can I Add Blackout Shades to My Apartment | Blackout Shades |

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Moving into a new apartment and want blackout shades for added privacy and to keep the sunlight away? We’ll find out whether you can add blackout shades to an apartment or not.

What are Blackout Shades and Can You Add Them?

Blackout shades, as the name suggests, block sunlight from entering the room. They can also block out streetlights, headlights and any other glare while giving you additional privacy.

You may be able to add them to your apartment if they are not already there but it is important to first check your lease to find out whether you are permitted to make these alterations.

Who Can Blackout Shades Benefit?

Blackout Shades are Ideal for Night Workers | Road Paving Crew at Night |

Blackout shades are ideal for:

  • Young children who get easily distracted with sights and sounds.
  • Overnight or shift workers who need peace and quiet in the day.
  • Families who enjoy complete darkness when watching a movie or relaxing.
  • Tenants looking to save utility costs as blackout shades may mildly retain heat in winter and reflect heat out in the summer.* There are thermal drapes that can do a better job if insulation is a primary goal.

If you intend to buy blackout shades for your rental apartment, it is important they are big enough to cover the entire window. Talk to your landlord to find out whether you can add them or not since every complex will have different rules. Get permission in writing.


* depending on how utilities are billed

Can I Add Blackout Shades to My Apartment | Blackout Shades |


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